ok first, some background. i do not have any sort of credentials in the realm of classical studies, but I can get linux to run on a potato. You are now up to speed. 👽

The ability to search and answer questions about ancient corpora is not the most straightforward process. Searching in english characters for example is not very intuitive. Fetching the raw data programmatically is an arduous task. Long story short, I decided to build myself some tools to get around what I perceived as limitations:

  • limited search capabilities
  • no flexibility and modularity of the data APIs
  • xml data format


  • a clean and highly available API for ancient-text
  • a search engine
  • a set of tools that transparently wrap around the CTS API
  • software and data extensions, loadable on top of the raw xml corpus data
  • decentralized and open. anyone should be able to reproduce the modules!

preliminary demos


  1. my awesome list of ancient greek (not only) resources